Life13 Jun 2008 09:52 pm

It is amazing how much planning can go into what may seem like a simple operation. Leaving the house is now a coordinated effort involving precise calculations such as when did she eat last, will she be hungry soon, bib or no bib (based on probability of spit up), do we have enough diapers, clean clothes and receiving blankets, etc. 🙂 We get a little better at it every time. With the odd day of sunshine now, I like to get out for a walk with her in the stroller. It is so nice to be active again and get some fresh air. Leah is doing very well weighing in at 11 lbs. I can’t believe she is already outgrowing some of her clothes.
Leah is such a blessing to have around, not only for us but her ever growing fan club. Her grandparents are absolutely enthralled with her. We believe we saw the first real smile on Wednesday, or so grandma says. It is so exciting to see her discovering new things. She likes to play with her lips, moving them in different ways. Her arm movements are becoming a little more coordinated and her fingers are finding themselves in her mouth more often. We had dinner with some friends this week who have a one year old. I observe in awe thinking Leah will be crawling around and learning to walk in eleven months. So much to look forward too and so much to treasure now.

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