Life31 Jul 2008 09:18 pm

Well, it finally happened… I bought something really girly for my precious little girl. Before she was born, we made sure everything was gender neutral. Even after she was born, we still made a conscious effort to keep things gender neutral for any other babies that might happen to come along (no plans yet), except for her clothes, which are all pink or flowery and girly.

I thought we should buy her a mobile because she would make a fist, move it around above her head and stare at it. This is the first one I found on Craig’s list. Poor, deprived child no more.

Speaking of depriving children, we bought her a soother after she had a few rough days. Never did figure out what was upsetting her so much but did find that a soother can be helpful when she is crying intensely. It was a totally new experience for her, though she has sucked on my pinkie to get to sleep before. Leah figured the soother out very well. What is there to figure out you may ask? You can teach a baby to keep a hold of their soother when it is falling out by gently pulling it partway out of their mouth so they learn how to suck it back in, thereby preventing umpteen trips to plug it back in. She did figure that out on her own. I still can’t get over how different she looks with a soother in my mouth. To be honest, I don’t like that look at all, but it sure beats crying. She uses it when she is tired and fussy in her crib before she falls to sleep. When she done with it she spits it out and sucks on her hand till she is soundly asleep and her hand falls out of her mouth. You know she is soundly asleep and can start vacuuming or putting the dishes away when both arms are above her head in an ‘I surrender’ pose.

The last picture is of glittery flowers and hearts that we will hang on her wall one day when she has her own room. (So she still may be a little deprived) I bought them at a store called Off to Bed which is owned by a parent of twin preschoolers that I taught. My preschool class gave me a gift certificate there and my sister and I had a good time admiring all the goodies there. The store is full of amazing finds to make any child’s bedroom their dream room. Check it out at Whoever thought my little girl will have a very pink and girly room.

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