Life18 Aug 2008 09:58 pm

One baby shower, one shopping trip, one long nap for Leah and two exersaucers later, we have this!

The first one was missing some parts so we exchanged it. Yes, she is a little young but I couldn’t resist. This is actually the second time I put her in it. The first was after spending over an hour assembling it when she first woke up from her nap I was so excited to put her in it to see her reaction. Didn’t get quite the reaction I was looking for though. I kept my hands on her the whole time but she didn’t feel secure, alternating pushing her body back and forth before crying. She is getting the hang of it more and more and is starting to intentionally play with the toys, as oppose to random hand movements hitting random toys.

The directions were a little confusing but regardless of most people’s complaints, I love assembling things. I guess I learned it from my Dad, who is a mechanic and constantly is putting things together.

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