Life26 Aug 2008 08:45 pm

Morgan and I had a great weekend celebrating our friends who were getting married. On Thursday night, Morgan went to the bachelor party and Leah and I went to a lingerie party. My mom offered to babysit then retracted her statement saying maybe I should bring along Leah to show what happens when too much lingerie is around.

On Friday, we went to the rehearsal and had dinner at the beach. The weather was perfect on Saturday for the beach side wedding and my mom babysat Leah. I was away from her for a whole two hours, the longest I have ever been away from her. It felt so good to get dressed up and spend some time ‘alone’ with Morgan without worrying about Leah fussy at all. Although, truth be told, I spent enough time worrying about Leah and even asked to borrow a cell phone to call and make sure she was okay. I totally trust my mom but I am Leah’s only food source at the moment (or so I thought). The wedding was beautiful and I rushed back after having some cake.

Leah and I went to the reception hall to see Morgan but he was out with the wedding party getting pictures taken so I helped with food while Leah hung out in her stroller. We were cooking Korean food, though none of us were Korean or had experience cooking Korean food. So we were a lost bunch but did very well assembling the food and trying to organize a meal for eighty people. When a Korean friend of the groom arrived at the reception hall, we quickly called him over and asked for advice and if we were cooking the food right. Thankfully, we were!! It was like a big puzzle putting the food together. It was good times meeting new people and trying to problem solve. A lot more fun with all that chaos.

Leah was happy to see me as she was still hungry after my mom gave her a bottle of breast milk. I left a bottle in the freezer for her though I didn’t think she would take it as I tried to give her a bottle a few days earlier and she wanted nothing to do with it. I am so happy she will take a bottle as a dinner and movie could possibly be in our near future.

In other exciting news, Leah weighs 14 lbs, 6 oz, and is 24.5 inches long. She is in the 75th percentile for her age.

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