September 2008

Life29 Sep 2008 06:23 pm

I wrote this post last week but never put it up because I meant to add pics.

The dreary weather has started as fall is here now. I am not looking forward to so many days of rain. The last two days it has been raining and I waited until the afternoon to go out with the rain had slowed to a sprinkle or even to a stop. Even if we go out to visit or shop during the day, I still feel cooped in without a walk. Didn’t realize how much of a daily habit that has become.

Today we walked to the local meat shop to find some dinner ideas and picked up some marinated herb and garlic chicken breasts. Yummy! We also passed by the fabric shop which I dragged our big stroller into to look at some adorable, expensive fabrics. There was some cheap, cute fabric perfect for a baby blanket outside but Leah already has so many blankets. Still, I was tempted.

I went back the next day and bought some fabric for a ‘snowsuit’ for Leah. I bought fleece off the clearance rack, super cheap and two patterns; one for the main body and another for the hat and ‘shoes’.

Not sure why I waited to post pictures, but here are a bunch of random shots.

asept29-001.jpg asept29-003.jpg asept29-009.jpg asept29-018.jpg asept29-013.jpg asept25-002.jpg

Life24 Sep 2008 09:51 am

Leah arched her back for the first time today. While first time I noticed and since she figured out how, she has been doing it several times in a row, till she is slouching at the bottom of her chair. Now, if only she would roll over….

In slightly more exciting news, I discovered several more additions to her wardrobe that were under the crib thanks to the generosity of the many people at my baby shower. I was looking to see if she needed any clothes in the near future as my mom was going to a great kid’s store in the States so I went through Leah’s clothing collection and found my new favorite outfit. I have been putting her in my dresses lately as she looks so cute in them. Here are some pics.
1pics-001.jpg 1pics-003.jpg 1pics-009.jpg

Life19 Sep 2008 11:08 am

We went for a walk with our Mommy and baby group or as Morgan likes to call us, the mommy gang. It is getting colder outside but still great weather for walking to enjoy this beautiful part of the world. Leah gets so excited so easily, I love it. She opens her mouth so wide for a big laugh but does not make a sound most of the time. If you try really hard at making yourself look like a fool or she is in an exceptionally good mood, then she will laugh out loud. So cute.
blog1.jpg blog5.jpg
Bundled up all ready for our walk down at the beach.

Life19 Sep 2008 10:48 am

A little while back, I thought enough is enough. Leah was going to bed when she wanted, which was closer to 11 whereas I thought around 8 o’clock would be more appropriate. So, it began. Sitting with Leah by the crib at 8 o’clock shooshing, patting and praying for sleep to come. When she would go down easily, she would get up around 9-9:30 to party for another hour or two. Not exactly what I had in mind. She also decided to start waking up at various times throughout the night, which was particularly frustrating because I know she can sleep at least eight hours in a solid chunk. They may be little but they sure know how to protest.

We got her on this routine now by banning all naps after 5 o’clock (which isn’t necessary now) while trying to keep her happy (or not crying) when she was pretty tired. Last night Leah slept from 8:40 to 6:20. Woohoo!! She had a very late nap at 6:45 which couldn’t be avoided due to over tiredness so she woke up a few times after 8 but went back to sleep pretty easily and then slept straight through after that. Good Job Leah!

This is Leah after her long sleep.

Life17 Sep 2008 11:24 am

Yesterday I had a funny flashback to last September when I was teaching preschool. September is always stressful in the preschool world as you try to remember eighty new faces and put them together with names, never mind that each and every one of those eighty children has at least one drop off person that you should know the name of as well. In addition to remembering names, twice a week are the three year old classes with some young uns’ that have never left mommy’s side. Most of the kids let their parents go pretty easily but there is always at least one who has a very hard, emotional time. You go through all the motions of reassuring parents their precious child will be safe in our care while comforting said child and making going to the playdough table to play without mom sound like the equivalent of an all expense paid trip to Dinseyland, knowing that one or two or even two and a half hours apart is survivable by both parties and praying one day soon it will happen without tears.

Yesterday was the first day I left Leah in our church nursery while attending a morning Bible study. Yes, I was that paranoid parent who came back to check on her and make sure they knew my exact whereabouts at any given time and Leah had everything she could want at her disposal. Sure, the nursery has lots of toys but I brought in one from home that I know she likes and yes, the nursery workers were reassuring me at every turn. Everything changes when you become a mom.

We both survived the ordeal, even when my class ran a little late and I am happy to say Leah will be in the nursery next Tuesday morning as well! I didn’t plan on leaving her, but after the singing time I realized there was no way she was going to nap in my arms with other people around and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the Bible study with her. When I came to pick her up, there was many kisses and hugs and I didn’t want to let her down again.

As far as the growing up goes, Leah loves to sit up. Even more than sitting up, she loves to stand. The other day I put her on the futon sitting up and she fell over not too long after. I usually put a blanket or pillow on either side to help her out but this time I wanted to take a picture so I didn’t prop her at all. I just left her sitting for a few moments while I went into the kitchen and she fell over, totally not phased at all, just looking at life from another angle.leahsits1.jpgleahfalls1.jpg

Life12 Sep 2008 09:16 am

On the weekend, Leah and I visited my mom and canned almost one hundred pounds of peaches with my sister and her friend. It was good times. Leah definitely wanted to see what was going on and was not at all content to be propped up on the couch less than ten feet away from us. She is learning to express herself quite clearly these days as she will be happy as ever until you start to bend down to put her down. That only happens when she is tired or hungry, but she still is quite the character. I finally laid her on her back on the kitchen floor on top of a big pillow where she could see me cutting up the peaches and she was content.

1picture-005.jpgThis picture is before the floor when we still had enough table space for Leah. Looks pretty comfy. The first batch of peaches are ready to go into the jars.

Leah and I have been getting outside a lot in her new stroller, new to us, and going for walks. I had this great idea of motivating myself to get into shape and sign up for a 5 km run in December. It sounded wonderful at the time, until the other day I walked 5 km. It was a long walk. And where I walked, it was all flat. I have some work to do. We don’t have a jogging stroller, though we have been discussing purchasing a jogging stroller/ bike trailer. I find it difficult to run and push a stroller as I am accustomed to moving my hands and arms as I run. I haven’t actually registered for any runs so we will see how it goes….

1picture-001.jpgSo, do you think Leah has enough toys? She likes being around the action so I put her in the hallway as I was cleaning the bathroom. She did a great job of entertaining herself.

Life08 Sep 2008 09:56 am

copy-of-img_4688.jpg I am usually the one who dresses Leah but Daddy also gets the chance once and awhile as well. I have my favorites and generally go casual with Leah. Morgan surprises me because he will pick something from the bottom of the pile (which I don’t always get to as I do so much laundry she could never get to the bottom of the pile and with the amount of clothes she has I’m not sure it is possible) and combine with something i would never have tried.

copy-of-img_4693.jpg This Sunday morning, he dressed her in one of her adorable dresses. She has so many and they are so cute but I forget about them sometimes and if we are home all day, why bother? And when she looks so cute, what mommy could resist taking a whole whack of pictures hoping desperately one will turn out. My photography skills need a little help, but I am working on it as I have never taken so many pictures in my life. I love the second pic, not because of the great quality of the shot, hehe, but because of her expression and how happy and laid back she looks. This is our Leah (most of the time anyways, last night at bedtime not included).

Life04 Sep 2008 08:29 pm

We are in Oroville this weekend with my parents and brother in our cabin and my aunt and uncle with their family in the other cabin. I have really enjoyed playing lots of board and card games, which I haven’t played since Leah was born and just hanging out with my family. The lake is so choppy from the constant wind it looks like an ocean.

Morgan kept himself busy trying to build a kite, which is harder than it sounds. There aren’t too many materials around so it requires lots of creativity. After many attempts, we tried out the kite we found in the closet. Also unsuccessful, the boys went to Princes to buy cheap pirate kites which flew so well, the string broke and one of the kites flew away.

It did eventually calm down on Monday and we were able to do some skiing and wakeboarding. We were able to hang out outside which seemed like such a treat!

Life04 Sep 2008 08:10 pm

Yes, they are a fact of life with a little one and you would never know the big debates that go on about them until you are a mother yourself. Cloth or disposables – cloth is making a comeback. If using disposables, which brand? Is one better for girls than for boys? Price differences, but keep in mind, preventing blowouts and leaks is very important.

I never thought too much about it until later in my pregnancy when we were getting everything ready and thought I should go out and buy a few diapers for when we take our baby home. My husband got talking to my mom and he was all for cloth diapers. I was surprised but then, again, he has always been concerned about environment. My mom folded diapers for me when we were on vacation and yes, she can still fold diapers with her eyes closed! I guess that’s what happens after you have folded over 22,000 diapers, even though it was over sixteen years ago.

So the hunt began. I wanted to use the old fashioned flat diapers as they are easy to clean and dry very fast. We found only one store that carried them, which was in the States, but they were so thin we decided to buy some diaper flannel and sew our own. They are basically large rectangles that you fold. As Leah grows, I can fold them into bigger sizes so they will last us till she is toilet trained.

I bought some Kushies diaper wraps and they hold the diapers so well I don’t have to use pins (wish I knew that earlier as I was using pins for the first three months argh!) I put the dirty diapers into a five gallon pail with water and a little bit a vinegar and voila, no smell.

Leah tried out disposables for the first time a little while ago while I was up in Oroville with her for an extended stay. She wore three month clothes instead of her usual six month outfits. Her bottom looked so small.