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Yes, they are a fact of life with a little one and you would never know the big debates that go on about them until you are a mother yourself. Cloth or disposables – cloth is making a comeback. If using disposables, which brand? Is one better for girls than for boys? Price differences, but keep in mind, preventing blowouts and leaks is very important.

I never thought too much about it until later in my pregnancy when we were getting everything ready and thought I should go out and buy a few diapers for when we take our baby home. My husband got talking to my mom and he was all for cloth diapers. I was surprised but then, again, he has always been concerned about environment. My mom folded diapers for me when we were on vacation and yes, she can still fold diapers with her eyes closed! I guess that’s what happens after you have folded over 22,000 diapers, even though it was over sixteen years ago.

So the hunt began. I wanted to use the old fashioned flat diapers as they are easy to clean and dry very fast. We found only one store that carried them, which was in the States, but they were so thin we decided to buy some diaper flannel and sew our own. They are basically large rectangles that you fold. As Leah grows, I can fold them into bigger sizes so they will last us till she is toilet trained.

I bought some Kushies diaper wraps and they hold the diapers so well I don’t have to use pins (wish I knew that earlier as I was using pins for the first three months argh!) I put the dirty diapers into a five gallon pail with water and a little bit a vinegar and voila, no smell.

Leah tried out disposables for the first time a little while ago while I was up in Oroville with her for an extended stay. She wore three month clothes instead of her usual six month outfits. Her bottom looked so small.

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