Life01 Oct 2008 01:51 pm

We went out to the library today for a story time with a friend from the mommy gang. We had a great time singing lots of songs and nursery rhymes with lots of actions. The class leader did a great job and Leah and I both enjoyed ourselves. By the end, Leah was getting tired and ready for a nap. It was nice to not have to worry if she made noise or was complaining a bit, which she did, but only a little. It did feel a little weird to attend as I am used to leading the group or managing children in the group, not benefiting myself. A nice change.

Speaking of changes, the trees are changing. We have a beautiful tree outside our window that I pay a lot more attention to now that I am home all day. I appreciate the small things more, like the beauty of the seasons and the time with friends and family. The cold is coming so we are sewing a fleece ‘snowsuit’. Here is a sneak peak at the progress we are slowly making.

aoct1-001.jpg aoct1-003.jpg

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