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Leah and I were sitting in Starbucks after our singing and story time at the library when this startling realization came. We were hanging out with our friends from the mommy gang talking about quick, tasty dinner ideas and how we can share our great recipes with each other when one mom, “Wow, we are so moms; we are sitting in Starbucks after our kid’s play date discussing quick dinner ideas.”

Mothers have certainly not changed over the years but methods of communicating have. Now we have a thread on our Facebook group with these great dinner ideas. We will have to try out some of them soon. I relied heavily on our George Foreman grill and rice cooker when Leah first came home. I especially love the rice cooker as I tend to overcook pasta (though it always tastes good to me) and if I am busy nursing or tending to a fussy baby the rice cooker monitors itself, turning to warming mode when it is finished. Maybe it would be worth while to invest in a pasta cooker, though we have no more room for any gadgets in the kitchen. I had to rearrange the cupboards a bit just to find a spot for Leah’s spoons, bibs and baby food containers.

Here is Leah’s typing debut. b b ,ml 9nb h This is what we got anyway. Her first attempts had her in the windows menu while other random pop ups would come up from the combination of keys she was pressing. Then she deleted her work while going back to previous web pages. She knows more shortcuts than I do. Her father has high hopes for his daughter to become a ‘computer geek’… I mean ‘computer princess’… what’s wrong with being a geek anyways?

aoct10-001.jpg aoct10-002.jpg
I wanted to show off my beautiful daughter in her darling outfit but she wanted nothing to do with pictures and just wanted to be fed!
aoct10-003.jpg aoct10-004.jpg
Look, foot and hand in sock! She sure loves her feet and the computer keyboard.
aoct10-005.jpg aoct10-006.jpg
We went for a late night run, late night being 7 o’clock. All bundled up again as it was cold.

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