Life21 Oct 2008 11:59 am

We had another busy weekend which we enjoyed. Friday and Saturday night we hooked up with friends and played some games, hung out and ate dessert. On Saturday night, we just had to walk down some stairs and through the hallway to meet up. So nice to have friends in our own building, especially when you are running late. When Morgan asked if he could invite some friends over on Friday, I said sure, as long as he would promise me a nap on Saturday. On Saturday, he helped a friend put in baseboards. Leah and I walked over to visit and we all stayed longer than planned because home improvements generally take longer than planned, at least in my world. So I had a lovely nap, waking up about half an hour before we were to arrive. I quickly made dinner, ate, fed Leah and rushed downstairs being only three minutes late.

We were also able to spend some time with Morgan’s side of the family (and some of Morgan’s side of the family’s friends). After spending some time at Grandma Fran and Granddad Sid’s, we ventured over to my parent’s to borrow a caulking gun. We are trying to cross off a few things on our home improvement list which have been on there for over a year. We are slowly working on it!

Though I do not have a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job, I still look forward to the weekends. Probably partially because of habit but also because I love having Morgan around all day. He is amazing with Leah and he lets me take naps and the like. We generally get together with family and friends and go to church on Sunday. Family time is so precious, immediate and extended both.

Saving the best for last, Leah rolled over on Thursday morning from her stomach to her back. I was so excited. She did it twice in a row but didn’t do it again until Friday. Morgan had to wait until Saturday to see this new feat. She doesn’t roll over often but is getting the hang off it. Way to go Leah!
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