Life02 Nov 2008 07:48 am

Our spunky, happy, social Leah has been not so spunky, happy or social unless she on her own or with mommy (daddy is okay too, for the most part). We were at my cousin’s baby shower yesterday afternoon and my mom and aunts wanted to hold her but she has quickly learned to differentiate between people and display her unhappiness. I knew this stage would come, as I have seen many kids do the same thing but I was secretly hoping my spunky, happy, social daughter would be different somehow… you know… the perfect child. Really Leah isn’t that bad, she will stay with other people if she can’t see me and yesterday her naps were a little off.

Her grandpa will be thrilled to know I actually let his granddaughter, whose eating repertoire includes rice cereal, sweet potato, carrot and banana, have access to some chocolate. Smarties are a good start to the chocolate world I figure. My sister had this cute idea to hold down the helium balloons with smarties and they were great to keep Leah occupied for a few minutes while I helped put up balloons.

aimg_4945.jpg aimg_4946.jpg aimg_4947.jpg

One last funny note: We were out and about with my mom on Wednesday morning and I needed to feed Leah before my appointment. In the diaper bag there were no receiving blankets to help me be discreet so I picked the next best thing… one of her cloth diapers. They look like a plain, white receiving blanket, though I have never seen a plain white receiving blanket. I figured no one my age or younger would know the difference and anyone who would (mothers much older than me), would understand. Don’t worry, it was clean.

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