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Try to fit all of those in a story. Reminds me of grade five when we had to use all of our spelling words in a story. We all had some pretty crazy stories as we were ten year olds trying to make a coherent one page story with twenty totally random, unrelated words. Anyways, this post came first and the title after.

My mom wanted to make every Monday Grandma Day, where she would come out and visit Leah and I. We visit mostly on weekends because her work keeps her pretty busy. I do find it very ironic that she got the idea of picking one day to visit from her boss who visits her grandson once a week. Anyways, we really do enjoying visiting, whether or not it is a Monday. Sometimes if I am in Langley, I pop into her work to say hello and see what is new. She works at Krause Berry Farms, which supported my college fund heavily during quite a few summers I worked there. It is transformed in a coffee shop for Christmas and is full of unique gifts and trinkets. There is always something new every time I visit. The owners are visionaries and always seem to have something creative they are adding to the farm experience.

Speaking of Christmas, my grandparents own a Christmas tree farm in Langley, which I am sure Morgan will be working/volunteering/earning us a free tree at this year. It is a true rustic farm where you go out in the dirty field to pick a tree and yell for someone to come with a chainsaw when you have picked the right one. I made a cool website for the farm this year with lots of help from Morgan and Go check it out at

Back to the beginning of my story, my mom came out today and helped me with two bags of apples I got from one of my friends from the mommy gang. She brought over a fabulous peeler and corer which made it so fast peel, core and slice the apples before putting them in small bags to freeze for apple sauce and crisp during the winter. Leah loved to watch as we turned the handle on the peeler.

aimg_5153.jpg aimg_5151.jpg aimg_5154.jpg aimg_5155.jpg

Leah also received her six month shots today with no tears. I am such a proud mom. Since Daddy will be home late as he is going to play some basketball at church after work and since I worked hard on freezing apples and since Leah didn’t cry during her shots, is it okay if I eat the apple crisp I made for dinner tonight?

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  1. on 18 Nov 2008 at 10:02 am laura

    I think it is perfectly OK to eat Apple crisp for dinner! I have mine for breakfast too!

    I think I need to get me one of those apple peelers. That would save me soooooo much time!

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