Life30 Nov 2008 06:35 pm

On Friday, Leah and I got to hang out with some friends and can applesauce. We had a good time peeling, cooking and canning the applesauce while trying to keep our kids happy and fed with a few diaper changes for good measure. Both kids were great as we switched them from highchair to exersaucer to bouncy chair, all of which were in the kitchen, whenever they got bored or fussy.

We canned two batches, one with cinnamon in big jars and another batch with just the apples on their own in small jars for our kiddies to use throughout the year. When they starting popping and sealing I was so relieved. After so much work and having never canned applesauce before, I was happy with the fruits of our labour. We were pretty busy so no pictures to document this event. I found out you can can almost any fruit or vegetable. Next year we can add so much more to our canning repertoire.

On a completely different note, at least one of our Christmas plants knows what to do this season.

I started Christmas baking at my mom’s house with my sister. Now nanamino bars, chocolate macaroons and sugar cookies are continually calling my name from the freezer, and yes they taste marvelous frozen as well. The sugar cookies even taste good despite the icing and sprinkles. My sister was thinking of starting a business custom making and decorating sugar cookies. Pick from one of the designs below.

At least we had fun and some pretty good laughs. If you look closely, we are not racist and include men of all types including those missing a leg or blind. However, we still apparently have some tolerance to work on in the area of gender equality.

Leah’s first bathtub wasn’t doing the trick anymore as it is a formed tub, which was perfect when she was first born but now it is way too crowded. So I bought her a plain white one, just like I had when I was a baby. I felt bad using a whole tub full of water just for her and I wasn’t keen on continuing to have a bath myself with her every time she needed one. The new white one has been working great. She wasn’t much of a splasher so I thought I would give my back a break and give her a bath on the kitchen counter, which is precisely when she became a splasher. Her next bath was on the kitchen floor so she wouldn’t get me so wet and she didn’t splash at all. At least her first bath prompted her daddy to do an impromptu wash of the kitchen floor.


No, that is not a tie-dye shirt.

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