Life03 Dec 2008 09:39 pm

We are now proud owners of a ‘new to us’ Chariot child transport system(CTS). Apparently, these CTS’s are above being called strollers and relate more to transformers than a typical stroller. In all honesty, our new Cougar CX2 is awesome for jogging with, though it is quite a beast. It gives Leah a very smooth ride and is easy to maneuver. Morgan is pretty excited as it can be converted into a bike trailer as well. So, how many strollers does an almost seven month old need? Well, we are on our third and own two currently. It is a double and no, I am not pregnant.


Here is a glimpse of Leah’s moods throughout the day.
This is when she is tired and ready for a nap. Not sure why, but I think when she rubs her eyes it is absolutely adorable.
To help on this transition from tired to sleep, sometimes we go for a walk.
And then, voila, happy again.

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