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Leah has been working hard lately to get mobile. She can move across the room slowly though she is not moving with the intention to get something more than a foot away from her. Leah leans forward and scoots a little on her bottom. On Christmas Eve, she actually had her legs coordinated enough to move one knee forward. Pretty soon our house will be truly tested for baby proofing.
We spent Christmas Eve at Grandma Fran and Granddad Sid’s house. The Christmas Eve service was canceled at our church due to a power outage so we just went to visit a little earlier. I love going to Christmas Eve services every year with carol singing and special presentations. It is a tradition I have done every year with my own family growing up and now with our own little family. Last Sunday, they combined what they had planned for that service and the Christmas Eve services. It was still special even though it was after Christmas and that I spent most of it in the church nursery hanging out with Leah. Leah sure looks like she knows what to do with the presents but was much more successful with gift bags and tissue paper.
img_5353.jpg img_5361.jpg
Look at what a big girl I am.
Loves the gift bags and tissue paper… just like her daddy.
That was a great joke…

Not that you can see but I now have four teeth. Mommy is going to try give me pasta soon as I am chewing my food so well now. I have never seen so much snow in my life. Mom and Dad were even surprised and Mom was taking pictures like crazy on the way over to Grandma and Grandpa’s. She has never done that before.

img_5384.jpg img_5385.jpg
Don’t think this car is going anywhere soon.
At Christmas dinner, everyone was wearing these funny crowns. I didn’t like mine at all and ripped it off my head. Does my family not understand this is supposed to be a nice formal turkey dinner? I am holding my favorite rattle at my Grandma’s house. It is the small rattle my mom and uncle played with when they were little. My favorite way to play with it is to see if I can fit the whole red ball in my mouth.
I think my dad looks like Jughead (from the Archie comics) with that crown on his head.

I sure love Christmas; getting to dress up all the time, lots of action, playing with lots of tissue paper, visiting friends and family and getting to stay up way past my bedtime. What do you mean it only happens once a year?

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