Life01 Jan 2009 05:03 pm

After a fun New Year’s Eve in Langley, we arrived home at one in the morning only to get up at 8:30 for the Resolution Run in Cresent Park. Especially after the fresh snowfall, it was beautiful on the trail. It was an 8 kilometer run which was a lot more challenging in the snow and with it snowing a little during the run as well. I definitely wasn’t ready for an eight kilometer run so I graciously let Morgan run the first run of the trail series that we both signed up for. Morgan did well though I have no clue how fast he was.
Leah and I walked with a friend whose husband was running as well. We only walked one of the three laps that made up the run. That was enough for us. It was tiring walking in the snow in my big boots carrying Leah but so worth it. We did run the very last bit of our lap and I was cheering and a few people actually thought I finished the race way ahead of the pack while running with Leah. I thought that was pretty funny and explained that actually this was my first and only lap.

My friend took some great pictures of Leah while we were hanging out during and after the run.




Someone fell asleep half way through the run.
I felt like I was pregnant again…. except this time with a twenty pound baby.

And now for some valuable bonus points, which picture in this post was not taken by a professional. Okay, maybe she is not a pro but her pictures look like it.

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