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Leah has now had (and still has) her first major cold that has been enough to disrupt her night time sleep. It hasn’t been that bad though she has been a little more needy a few days so we skipped out on swimming and story time this week. On Wednesday, I was feeling a little cabin fever so we went grocery shopping instead of to the library. I would feel bad spreading her cold to her friends but I figure no one has reason to complain about a kid with a cold at the store. Leah loves sitting in the cart and watching all the action.

Speaking of action, someone has been providing a lot of it around here. What does this face tell you?

What do you do when you need your hands completely to yourself for five minutes to complete mixing your bread dough and can’t wait till nap time in order to have bread ready when daddy get home for lunch?
Alternately titled: Which one of these things doesn’t belong?

We went to the park to try out the baby swings on Thursday and had a lot of fun.


img_5618.jpg img_5619.jpg

img_5622.jpg img_5621.jpg

In case you are wondering, she is the pink blob in that last picture.

Leah has had some very short afternoon naps this week so sometimes it can be a struggle to keep her awake until eight o’clock. This keeps her awake and happy every time so the other night I jump in the bath with her and am enjoying the splashing and games she plays until she decides to do something she hasn’t done since day two of her life while still in the hospital. All of a sudden with no warning she decides she needs to do a number two while I am holding her in the tub.

I was suddenly faced with a dilemma, exactly what do you do when your kid poops in the tub with you? This is something not covered in baby books. In the hospital the nurse took care of it and promptly emptied the tub and filled it up with fresh, clean water. But this time I was at home. I said a quick, silent prayer of thanks that daddy was home and called out to him to bring a yogurt container to dispose of said deposits and to take Leah out so I could shower off.

Then I got to thinking, what would I have done on my own? I can’t leave her in the tub while I grab a container and there are no suitable containers near by. Draining the water does not help dispose of the mess and could make it nasty to clean up. What if she still had a bigger mess to make? I don’t think I would want to carry her anywhere. Maybe I should store an emergency old yogurt container in the bathroom for this purpose. Until then, I hope this is only a once in nine month occasion that she will grow out of by the time she is eighteen months.

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  1. on 01 Feb 2009 at 11:22 am kate

    That’s a good poop story! Especially when you’re in the tub too. You’re lucky you have Leah to give you so many good blog stories. I’m starting to run out of blog ideas!

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