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Morgan and I signed up for a trail run series at Peninsula Runners that has four different runs through local parks from January to March. With our second run coming up on Sunday, we decided this past Sunday that maybe we should start training. So, before church we drove down to the promenade, unloaded our beast of a jogging stroller and started running. It worked our very well as Leah had a little snooze while we ran in the cold. Even though it is warming up a bit, I was glad I brought my toque and gloves.


Initially, I thought I would run 5 km every day except for the day before the race to rest but after running Sunday and Monday I just couldn’t bring myself to run on Tuesday. However, I did walk the promenade with some mommy friends which was quite enjoyable though I don’t think I can count it as part of my training, even though it was 4.4 km (with a coffee break along the way). I really enjoy training along the ocean for a few reasons (view, wildlife) but what tops my list is the flatness. I can’t run in any direction around our place without going up or downhill. I think for the next run we will start training a little earlier. Maybe we just shouldn’t stop after the run is over. We are doing this for our overall health, not just a time on a piece of paper right?

Leah has been loving anything that can fall down lately. She got such a kick out of my tower building skills (which are quite impressive I might add) and crawling over to take something off the tower which results in collapse 92% of the time. She also loves banging her toys together. By the way, one toy is not enough… you need at least one toy per hand and more is definitely preferable.


As you can see by the pictures, our shapes are not exactly being put in the sorter very often these days, except when I decide to clean up her toy basket. We are having lots of fun with them right now with Daddy getting in on the action to help keep Leah happy and even laughing after almost falling asleep during dinner. That’s what happens when Leah has both of her naps away from home and they both end up being way too short. Though, it is a sacrifice I am willing to make some days to get out and enjoy the sunshine and some adult company.

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