Life16 Feb 2009 02:14 pm

On Valentine’s Day, Morgan went to work while Leah and I went to my parent’s house. I know, we are so romantic. That afternoon, Leah and I enjoyed my cousin’s bridal shower at my aunt’s house. I enjoyed the visiting and food while Leah played, squealed and made other babies cry because of her excitement in thinking that they wanted to play with her.

When Leah and I got home, Morgan met us outside with some nice pink and white roses and took us out for dinner. I wanted to stay far away from restaurants as I thought they would be all crazy busy but my greater desire to not cook won out. We went to a local sushi restaurant and I dug up what food I had left for Leah in the diaper bag. She ate her apple sauce and whole baby food jar of cold green beans before they even had a chance of serving her a bowl of steamed rice that I was going to mix it with to warm it up. Leah loved the rice and just kept on eating until Morgan and I had both had our fill.



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