Life21 Feb 2009 04:04 pm

Bedtime is definitely not one of the highlights of my day with Leah. It has been the most frustrating and stretching issue that parenthood has brought to me thus far (along with nap time). When I seem to have her figured out, she ups the ante. I secretly think this is God’s way of showing me humility. We were doing fine until she decided she needed fewer naps in the day. Once we got that resolved, we were doing fine until she decided sitting up in the crib was a necessity but wouldn’t lay back down. Once we got that resolved (usually going in a few times and lay her back down), she decided standing up in the crib was great. Leah would move to a crawling position and sometimes even stand up hanging on to the crib rail before I could even leave the room. So we were seeing more of this:


Leah certainly liked being Daddy’s little girl and while I thought that was cute, it was not a trend I wanted to encourage in any way. We tried letting her cry it out before laying her back down. I tried constantly going in to her room to lay her back down as soon as she stood up. I couldn’t take the crying any more so that is when I got creative. She now goes to sleep like a champ with not too many complaints. For now that is. I am not waiting with anticipation to see what her new sleep disruption is next.

We are back with the swaddle….


…which we haven’t seen since she was two weeks old.


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