Life26 Feb 2009 10:27 am

One of Leah’s highlights of the day is when Daddy gets home. She might of been cranky for the last half hour, just wanting to be held and trying to pull herself to a stand on my pants with toys not having any appeal while I am trying to have dinner ready before Morgan gets home and then she shows the biggest smile and is suddenly overwhelming happy the second he walks through our door. Though I find this habit charming and all and I am happy she loves her daddy, I wish she could be happy or at least content in the half hour before he gets home. Leah really isn’t that fussy (most of the time anyways) though she can have her moments.

One of my highlights of the day is watching how Morgan plays with Leah. We both play with Leah differently and she responds with squeals and laughter to both of us. I love the uniqueness of ‘daddy play’ and was able to capture a few of these special moments.

Everyone loves having a dishwasher!

On our journey from our apartment to the parkade, Leah gets to fly like an airplane and duck behind doors and walls and peek through windows in a riveting episode of peek-a-boo.

She has discovered how much fun her bedroom door is as it is a french door and she can look through the window in it.

Watching Daddy put up some decorations in her room and doing other projects around the home is fun as it usually involves interesting noises.

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