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On Saturday, we celebrated my cousin getting married. Leah was great for her babysitters who gave her lots of attention, which she demanded in exchange for her personal contentment and had a great nap in her stroller after a lovely walk. I appreciated being able to know I would be able to enjoy the whole ceremony without walking out and knowing she was in good hands (and if worse got to worse she would settle right down when taken for a walk in the beautiful sunshine).

After the ceremony, we came home to pick Leah up and went down to the beach for a quick walk before going to the reception in Fort Langley. My sister took a few family pictures for us as we do not have any recent, nice pictures of the three of us.
img_5793.jpg img_5786.jpg

Leah was great at the reception. Dinner was served later than we usually ate but Leah was pretty good about it and happily munched on her cheerios while we ate a few of them too. She had lots of people willing to hold her which was great. Morgan and I even squeezed in a few dances before calling it a night as Leah was sleeping in my sister’s arms. We were able to take the centerpiece at our table home.
Congratulations Kim and Tony!

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  1. on 23 Mar 2009 at 5:43 pm kate

    We were glad to help out. That’s a great pictures of you three!

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