Life06 Apr 2009 12:29 pm

Last Friday was such a beautiful, sunny day, I called up a friend of mine last minute and decided to meet her at the park. I didn’t have time to walk over so I was going to drive over and meet her in twenty minutes. By the time I remembered Morgan took the car to work, she had already left so Leah got a nice, unplanned ride in the jogging stroller. We were a little late but still had some time to play on the swings and explore grass and bark mulch.




The beautiful weather was extended all weekend which allowed us to enjoy more outside time soaking in the sun.

Morgan and I have joined a softball team and have been playing every Sunday night. It feels so good to go out and play ball again. I played for quite a few years before I was pregnant with Leah. The teams I have played on are mostly for fun with some competitive spirit thrown in. It’s a great way to get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors while getting some exercise and meeting new people.

This year will be a little more challenging as we both are playing and we have Leah as well. We joined my brother’s team along with my sister and brother-in-law with our home field closer to where my parents live. My parents came to a lot of their games last year, Morgan and I made it out to a few as well, so we decided this would be a good fit as far as babysitting goes. Last night was a little busy for my mom as she was score keeping as well as holding Leah, feeding her dinner and keeping her entertained while cheering us on.

It was so sweet to watch Leah clap as she cheered both teams on. She learned to clap last Thursday night and has been doing it at any opportunity where praise is due since.


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