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On her first birthday, Leah took two or three steps unaided but was very unsure of herself and needed to be extremely close to mom or dad so I hesitated to call that walking. It was more like taking a step or two in order to throw herself into our arms. But Friday night, all of that changed.

Leah is pretty confident taking many steps on her own in order to walk from one person to the other. Her longest walks have been at least a dozen steps. I am one proud mama and Leah is one proud girl. Maybe a little full of herself but I figure we can deal with that later.

Her walking debut has come all at once, out of the blue. Sure, she has been standing on her own and loves to give long rants, raising her arms when emphasizing an important point while doing so but she has always been very cautious about steps.

So on Friday night when I stood her up and sat a few feet away from her, reaching out my hands just out of reach and she walked like a pro, I was in shock. Morgan and I sat in the hallway for quite awhile, moving farther and farther apart calling her over while the dirty dinner dishes sat on the counter and the house was a mess. It was so precious I didn’t want it to end.

Here she is last night, all ready for bed showing off her new accomplishment.

awalking1.jpg awalking21.jpg

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  1. on 26 May 2009 at 9:58 pm Kristen

    So cute, Sandy!!!

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