Life25 May 2009 09:36 pm

While playing at the park today, Leah had a little run in with a boy who was about three years old.

Leah, while crawling toward the playground where the boy was standing: da da da da da da da da
Boy: I am not your daddy
Leah, crawling closer: da da da da da
Boy, emphatically: I am NOT your daddy
Leah:da da da da
Boy: I said, I am NOT your daddy

Apparently Leah has no fear of older children bossing her around. Though she does know who her daddy is, da da is still fun to babble at any given time. In order to alleviate his anger and anxiety, I led Leah away to our blanket and everyone was safe and happy once again.

One Response to “Whose your daddy?”

  1. on 26 May 2009 at 6:57 am kate

    ahhh too funny. kids are so literal.

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