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There are several great parks within walking distance of our home that we love to explore an an almost daily basis. Each park has its’ own features that make it unique and enjoyable to visit. With each new park comes creative equipment to play on that sometimes takes a creative mind to figure out.

When I was checking out one of the parks, I was surprised and a little disappointed to find no traditional baby swings but a big disc hanging instead. But now after some play dates, I see the enjoyment from having a few children go on the swing together. If Leah wants to go for a big swing she lays on her back or sits with me.

There is also a funky, blue apparatus that looks like an over-sized boiled egg holder. Not exactly sure on the specifics of this, I put Leah in and gave her a little spin a round. She loves it though I fear for her dizziness if she is on there for more than a minute.

The teeter totter is great as well as Leah can sit unaided on it. The other side has a backless bench which is great for older kids as well.

Leah has no fear of any of the equipment. If I would let her, she would walk or crawl straight down the slide. I think the whole idea of depth perception is supposed to ‘click’ pretty soon and I just hope and pray that she doesn’t get hurt learning the hard facts of life.

The variety of equipment at some of the new parks seems very inclusive as well. Older and younger kids can have fun alongside each other as well as those with physical disabilities. We often meet new friends to play with while we are there too. What fun!!


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  1. on 04 Jun 2009 at 8:00 pm kate

    you’re a regular playground encyclopedia!! and yes, it’s VERY important that Leah doesn’t get too dizzy! you don’t need any unintended consequences of that.

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