Life15 Jun 2009 12:38 pm

(…or have been affirmed)

I have amazing friends.

God’s grace is absolutely amazing and mind boggling.

Running without my running partner turns into more of a leisurely walk than a great workout.

Life can change so fast.

I have an amazing family.

I am very impatient.

Fresh strawberry jam is worth all the effort.

So, some big decisions have been made very quickly in this past week that I am super excited about but have yet to be totally confirmed. (No, I am not pregnant.) I have felt such a huge range of emotions and am so grateful my husband balances out the emotional side of me. These decisions have added a lot of things on the immediate ‘to do’ list which means I have been super busy.

Now that this week has arrived, it seems things have had a chance to settle down and my house has had a chance to be cleaned as well as laundry laundered and grocery shopping bring completed. I don’t think I have been so excited about fresh vegetables in my fridge in a super long time.

All this to say, I am grateful to my friends, family and God for how they have blessed this season in my life. (And on a totally unrelated side note, Leah has her two top molars. Good job girl! Not that you had a choice in the matter but you dealt with it well.)

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  1. on 15 Jun 2009 at 4:05 pm kate

    At least you walk when you run without your partner. I don’t even get out for a run! We’re really happy for you guys and your “big news.” YAY!

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