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I’ve heard the phrase ‘the days are long but the years are short’ referring to the journey of parenthood and I do believe it is true. Some days seem a lot longer than others though and each day spent with a child always has at least a piece of joy. I took a trip down memory lane while packing all of her baby clothes up along with her rattles and mobile and reflected on how fast the time has truly gone. Now it seems she is so grown up.

Leah’s ability to learn right now is amazing. I have been trying to at least scratch the surface of her mind and expose her to some new things. She also seems to be enjoying the learning process as the last two mornings when I go to get her up out of her crib, she keeps pointing to her nose. We have been teaching her to point to some basic body parts and she seems proud to do it (except on command in front of others, but she really can do it).

I love that Leah knows some sign language and is slowly learning more (as I take out more books from the library and learn along with her). Though it is great, when she wants to point out her head with yogurt covered hands the joy doesn’t always well up within me. When she rubs her chest to say please along with her bright brown, pleading eyes I find it hard to say no even what it is something she really shouldn’t have. I still love it though.

She is a close observer and wants to be like us, which freaks me out a bit. If I could just pass on my positive qualities I wouldn’t be so concerned. But on the other hand, when she copies it can be so endearing as well.

Here she is, trying out some cool things adults do.

aimg_6395.jpg aimg_6405.jpg

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