Life18 Aug 2009 09:58 pm

We are all moved in except for a few things still at Morgan’s mom’s house. Almost everything has a place and we are trying to keep everything in it’s place. There are still rooms that need more organization, closets that need more shelving, wallpaper that needs to go and walls that could use some paint.

However, right now I am content with all that is unpacked and realizing that everything doesn’t need to be done right now. It will take us a long time to truly make this place our own and I’m learning to accept that. We are doing little by little when we have time while still having some balance in our lives.

Leah has a wonderful play area outfitted a workshop bench, trucks, blocks in addition to many other toys. There are many plastic tools that she has never seen being used so she uses her creativity finding her own uses for a saw, hammer, level and nails. When Morgan is doing home improvements, we will have to let Leah watch for an educational lesson or two. For the next year or so I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities. Here she is all ready to work with her hard hat on.


Morgan is already teaching her well. Safety first.

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