Life24 Aug 2009 10:15 am

This weekend as I was making some eggs for breakfeast, Leah was at my feet with her arms outstretched wanting to be held. Not really the best time for a cuddle, but I figured she get wanted to see what I was doing so I set her on the counter. She immediately reached over to the dish rack, picked out the flipper and starting scrambling the eggs.


I remember that was the first thing we were allowed to cook as kids. I guess eggs are fool proof enough, just crack them open into the frying pan and don’t stop stirring until they look done. I think we were ten or eleven until we earned that privilege but really, why not start them young?

Speaking of starting them young, I have started putting Leah onto the toilet while holding her so she gets used to the concept. I’m not expecting anything big but I’m not opposed to earlier rather than later. In fact, the earlier the better.

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