Life28 Aug 2009 03:12 pm

Ever since we have moved in, Morgan has been working lots of overtime, including Saturdays, so Leah and I try to keep busy and still make it a special day. I still look forward to the weekends as Morgan is generally at home helping take care of Leah during Saturday and it is a nice break from our weekday routine.

Now that Morgan is generally working, we sometimes will invite ourselves over to my parent’s house for the day (with their permission of course). We keep pretty busy over there between my sewing projects, shopping with my sister and hanging out with my mom. This Saturday we will be pickling cucumbers with my sister. Though I am not a huge fan of eating pickles, I enjoy the canning process along with my mom and sister.

This week we also squeezed in some time to can peaches with my mom which are mighty delicious. Ever since Leah has arrived, Morgan and I rarely make pancakes or waffles so we still had quite a few jars left over from last year. We used to make a nicer breakfeast on at least one day of the weekend which we would top with berry syrup and peaches or strawberries. I would love to get into that habit again.

Last year Leah wanted to watch all the action while this year I didn’t even get a picture of her as we were busy trying to keep her busy while canning.

She has grown up so much and still wants to be part of the action. I’m sure one day soon she will be helping us bring in the peaches from the garage and putting them into the jars.

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