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After devoting lots of time to unpacking and cleaning the inside of our house, we have decided to start tackling the great outdoors. Though the inside work is nowhere near completed, summer weather is running out and it feels great to be outside before rainy season comes with full force. Also, I find it much more fulfilling seeing the progress in the garden than doing indoor household chores.

As our weekends have been super busy, we have started spending a bit of time outside in the evenings when we get the chance. Last night while Morgan pulled out a big vine that was crawling up the house and taking over portions of our front garden, I went to work on pulling out all the overgrowth from another area. Leah was playing around on the front lawn close to the road which was making me nervous so I started pulling out weeds in the lawn so I could be close to where she was.

When Leah saw the big pile of weeds that I was pulling out, she decided to help. She has seen me place weeds in buckets and yard waste garbage cans numerous times over and over again so she knew what to do. Grabbing one weed at a time, she walked with purpose down the driveway to the garbage can, dumping the weed in before coming back for another, all in her lilac dress.


Her great grandfather would have been mighty proud, just as he was when he worked in his large, beautiful garden alongside his eager grandchildren watching and asking, “Opa, is this a weed? How about this one?”

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  1. on 12 Sep 2009 at 7:51 am Katherine

    that’s great she’s helpful. i thought you were going to say she saw the bucket of weeds and dumped the bucket out!

    i’m sure her grandfather would be proud. very sweet.

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