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I have run off and on since the middle of high school though most of the time I wasn’t running regularly. I’ve trained for the 10k Sunrun a few times but have never had the motivation I have now. On Thanksgiving I will be running a half marathon. I have had great friends to run with, a supportive husband and some amazing stories to reflect on.

As the distance progressively became longer, I picked up some great running gear to use along the way. I knew good shoes were important but before long, I ditched my board shorts for running pants as well as picked up some great water bottles to run with.
I thought running was a simple activity to outfit but I was greatly surprised. In addition to shoes, pants and water bottles, there are special socks, hats, undergarments, shirts, heart monitors, pace watches, energy gels, drinks and creams. I am not that hard core to have all the gear but I have everything I need to run a half marathon.

Though running is a very physical activity, there also is a mental aspect as well. I have pounded miles and miles of asphalt in preparation while reflecting on some of the amazing achievements of others in order to inspire me to keep putting one foot in front of the other at a decent pace.

Terry Fox is one of those amazing, inspirational people. Today people from coast to coast across our country will be running raising funds for cancer in memory of Terry Fox. Though I participated throughout elementary school, I never have understood the magnitude of what he did. At the age of twenty one, he had put into motion his vision of running across Canada to raise funds for cancer research. He had lost his leg to cancer two and a half years prior and was experiencing difficulties from a heart condition but that couldn’t stop his dream.

For one hundred and forty three days, Terry Fox ran a marathon every day facing many daily challenges with an unstoppable determination. Only halfway through his journey to the Pacific Ocean from the Atlantic, the cancer had come back ferociously in his lungs and Terry was forced to stop his marathon of hope in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I would find running twenty six miles a challenge any day without any medical conditions and Terry kept up that pace for months on end with a heart condition as an amputee. As I go for my last and longest run today before my half marathon, I am sure I will reflect on his amazing life and even greater legacy.


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  1. on 28 Sep 2009 at 6:48 am Katherine

    very true. when you can’t run, think of him. sometimes when i feel like stopping, i think of people i know that for whatever reason can’t run or walk. and i am just thankful for the ability to move. that usually gets me going! thinking of you and your upcoming race!

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