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As we are gearing up for Christmas this year, my mind wandered to last year with Leah and how much she has changed. If you want to take a trip down our family’s memory lane, last year’s blog post can be found here.

We went to my grandparent’s tree farm again but instead of looking for a small tree that wouldn’t overtake our apartment, we were on the search for the biggest tree that would fit without touching our ceiling. Leah was able to trudge around the farm for awhile until she got a little irritated with the mud, uneven ground, rain and wind. She certainly loved being in Daddy’s arms.


I love their matching outfits though it definitely wasn’t planned. I don’t think that far ahead unless our sole purpose of the outing is trying to get a nice family picture. I apparently didn’t receive the memo but don’t you think you need some red since it is Christmas and all.


After the several, tiresome treks around the farm to find the perfect tree, we headed over to Krause’s for some corn chowder and hot chocolate to warm up and spend some time with friends.


Once we got home, Morgan and I took the tree off of the roof rack on the car to bring it into the house while Leah slept in her car seat. Once the tree made it into the kitchen, Leah woke up in time for the excitement of trying to get a massive tree into the living room and standing straight and tall.


Leah was terrified of the tree when it was laying down. I had to hold her while trying to help Morgan move the tree around the house. Once we got the tree in the stand, she was okay with it. Now she seems to enjoy the tree just enough (she looks and touches gently but doesn’t try pull the decorations off).

It really feels like Christmas now. Usually I don’t do anything beside a bit of shopping before December 1st but this year it felt great to get it done. We are having Morgan’s family’s big Christmas get together next week here so now we are ready. Hopefully I can make a wreath sometime this week then we will be all set for Christmas except for a few gifts and cards.

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