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…at least she is cute so she can get away with it. Right?

I have an amazing ‘mommy group’ of friends who I first met when all of our babes were only six weeks old. Though most of the moms have gone back to work, we still try get together as a big group once a month to visit. For our Christmas get together, we decided to invite the dads as well as do a secret Santa with gifts for the kids.

I got Leah all dressed up, wrapped up a gift, packed some goodies and off we went. That last sentence made it sound excessively easy. The real story involved trying to entertain a kid in a store full of toys and then trying to get her away from said toys, a mad dash in the morning to find tights and shoes at the local mall, staying up late to finish her dress and bringing food that was pulled out of the oven merely minutes before departure. Did I mention the event started at 10 am? And that is was my great idea to start at ten so my darling daughter could happily survive a couple of hours with her friends before lunch and nap time meltdowns occur?


It was all so worth it as we all had a great time. I tried to get some pics in front of the tree which I counted successful as we have some active toddlers. There are both in the shot and you can see their faces.


Each of the kids got a special gingerbread man cookie with their name on it. Very cool Mrs. Laura! Leah really enjoyed her sweets that morning.


Leah received a funky yellow and pink school bus that makes noise. She absolutely loves it as did the other kids that morning. I’m also very thankful the noise is a quiet, tolerable noise as well.

Leah understands presents more this year and is thrilled after opening one. She sees no need for another which I think is a great thought she should hold for many years to come.


We also enjoyed the great time with daddy. Morgan was teaching her how to play t-ball and you can see her excitement.

Christmas is special for so many reasons but I think it is accentuated so much when you have a child. The joy they bring is amazing and to share it with friends is gold.

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