Life21 Jan 2010 08:51 pm

Introducing goop to Leah and co. Goop is simply a combination on cornstarch and water but it has some out of the ordinary principles. When you hold it, it hardens and once you let you it liquefies.
edscf0470.jpg edscf0471.jpg
My neat girl refused to interact with the goop as it might get her hands dirty. She loved watching me play with the goop but I wanted her to interact on her own as well so I gave out spoons. I was glad I didn’t do my weekly, deep kitchen cleaning yesterday as planned as goop was spread far and wide.
edscf0476.jpg edscf0478.jpg
After sitting for so long, I wanted to let them run outside to burn off some energy. I asked the girls to hold hands while we were walking outside and they continued to do so as they meandered over to the playground.
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The girls just wanted to sit in the wagon for the most part which give me a chance to take a few shots. I tried to entice them to play ball or go in the playground but I wasn’t very successful. Maybe that is why naps were a little shorter today which means Leah will go to bed a little earlier tonight.
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I’m so glad we have been blessed with this beautiful weather. I was pulling off toques when we got into the wonderful sunshine. Spring is a coming and we are looking forward to it.

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