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I have pruned back many overgrown bushes and trees throughout the yard but no pruning has looked as nice as these forsythia branches. Though I will save the mass pruning for when it is supposed to be done, a little early pruning to add some flowers into our home is worth it.
The wallpaper is gone, the wallpaper residue has been eliminated, plaster has been applied, sanding been done and a decision has finally been made. Our wall is going to be painted tomorrow. Here are the colours we chose from. To see what we finally chose, you will have to come visit (or wait awhile as I am sure I will post some pics at sometime).
Leah learned to walk with the help of this walker. Now she uses it to run circles around the house with her friends while squealing and laughing.
Our indoor garden is growing like crazy. Last Saturday we planted the seeds and they have already grown some nice looking sprouts.
adscf0782.jpg adscf0790.jpg
With some of my daycare kids are off with their moms on spring break, Leah and I have been enjoying some one on one activities we normally don’t do together. She still loves being with her daycare buddies though.



Morgan made us burgers the other night and requested earlier that day I made some special buns to accommodate the size of burgers he was making. He made a papa burger for himself…
…and a toddler burger for Leah.
My only complaint was I that I would like a mama burger for myself. Those papa burgers, while delicious and filling, were a little big for me. But really, how can I complain when my husband makes a great supper for us?

That was really all over the place but that is kind of like our life. Different experiences interwoven and connected by the people experiencing and sharing them.

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  1. on 18 Mar 2010 at 12:44 pm katherine

    Morgan’s burger is absolutely hilarious! Glad you documented it!

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