Life06 Jun 2010 11:05 am

Our garden is coming along nicely. For a week I was anxiously awaiting some signs of life from the potatoes and onions I had planted and once the rain started, they popped up and grew so fast. The first pic is my onions growing.

I found two random bushes in my father in laws car that is currently living on our yard. I didn’t need anymore bushes as our yard is so overgrown to begin with so I left them be until they started showing pretty flowers. I still wasn’t sure what they were until the tiny blueberries started to form. Then I was delighted and planted them in my garden for our eating enjoyment in mid August.

dscf1384-165×220.jpg dscf1387-165×220.jpg

Potatoes and Tomatoes.

dscf1385-220×165.jpg dscf1386-220×165.jpg

Some flowers.

dscf1396-220×165.jpg dscf1397-220×165.jpg


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