Life07 Jun 2010 12:38 pm

I’ve started taking our sand toys to the park so the kids have more to do besides the playground equipment. Even though the bark mulch isn’t ideal for our sand molds, the kids still love to do then and don’t see any difference. Whether I use the bus, car or turtle mold, it still looks just like a small pile of mulch but they love it.

Leah insisted on wearing her winter jacket even though it wasn’t that cold. These days I let her make some choices herself, even if I don’t think they are the wisest of decisions. With matters of defiance and the like though, I don’t back down and she has to deal with the consequences.
dscf1392-165×220.jpg dscf1393-165×220.jpg

I take the kids down to the park a lot and we have been watching a group of ducklings grow. It is amazing how fast they start to look all grown up. This past week I noticed a new group of brave ducklings that we will get to watch grow. They are so cute.


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