Life27 Jun 2010 09:31 pm

Some things we have been up to in the past week…

…hanging out and the occasional snack picnic at the park

…since we hang out at the playground so much I decided to have some fun with the camera. Can you see what it says?

…gave a special Father’s Day card to an awesome daddy.

…shaking a water, oil and food colouring mixture to see it separate again.
dscf1504-165×220.jpg dscf1506-165×220.jpg

…visiting the animals at Grandma’s work. Leah wavered between excitement and apprehension.
dscf1507-220×165.jpg dscf1511-220×165.jpg

…eating burgers at Father’s Day lunch. Leah would take a big bite, getting her hands dirty in the process and then wipe then with a napkin, repeating the process over and over again.
dscf1512-220×165.jpg dscf1514-220×165.jpg

…dragging her half inflated pool inside the kitchen so she can take a nap in it while I wasn’t watching her for five minutes. We are trying to phase out nap time as Leah is staying up later and later at night.

…punching down the bread while kneading the dough.

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