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We went to Crescent Park on Saturday morning with Morgan’s family. After about fifteen minutes in, I got distracted from the playground and took the two oldest to see the big equipment.

dscf1574-165×220.jpg dscf1581-220×165.jpg

There were a few big machines on the side of the road for road building, all of which were pretty dirty looking. This big roller looked the cleanest and was the easiest to climb on so up they went.

dscf1582-165×220.jpg dscf1583-165×220.jpg

It made Leah look so small.

dscf1584-165×220.jpg dscf1585-165×220.jpg

Then off to the beach we went. Leah tested both her boots and rain pants ability to keep her dry.

dscf1588-220×165.jpg dscf1590-220×165.jpg

She loved touching the sand and immediately going to wash her hands the second they got dirty.

dscf1591-220×165.jpg dscf1594-165×220.jpg

Her boots and rain suit stood up pretty well but in the end she wanted them off.

dscf1597-165×220.jpg dscf1598-165×220.jpg

Leah loved to play in the sand, smash other people’s sand castles, watch the kayakers and lean up against the big rock. Hopefully we can spend more time at the beach this summer soaking it all in.

dscf1602-165×220.jpg dscf1600-165×220.jpg

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