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The hot weather has come and we are enjoying it as much as we can. Yesterday we visited with some friends at the water park. Leah loved meeting up with her buddies and running through the tunnel and around the water park…. until the water came on. We found a spot where water wasn’t spraying but was pooling before it went down the drain. She enjoyed pouring water into a container and then dumping it out again.

Leah’s highlight of the day was seeing Gabby. They haven’t seen each other for about a week and Leah definitely missed her.

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Yesterday afternoon I finished blowing up Leah’s kiddie pool in the back yard and let them play with a little bit of water in it today. Leah had a blast. She hardly got wet, just like yesterday but that doesn’t take away from her fun. She loved watering my flowers with yogurt containers and using spice shakers from the pool to water the grass.

In ‘big girl’ news, Leah has had no nap for a few weeks now and potty training has started. I took away her nap as she was staying up later and later (past 9 pm on a regular basis) and waking her up early from her nap wasn’t helping her fall asleep earlier. It was a rough couple of weeks through the transition but she is faring much better now, going to bed at 7 (the earliest bedtime she has ever had). I’m hoping she will start to sleep in a little more but we will take it as it comes Most mornings she is up at 6:30 talking to herself and I get her up at 7.

Potty training is coming along slowly but she is making progress. I’m finding it difficult to be consistent as I still want to go out and about with her, which definitely requires a diaper. For now she is running around the back yard with just a dress so she can figure it all out and run to the potty when she feels the need to go.

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  1. on 08 Jul 2010 at 3:39 pm katherine

    Now you’ve just got to teach her to take those water containers over to the vegetable garden and we have it made!

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