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Every once in awhile I go through a phase that usually lasts for a week or two, go crazy on one thing, and then don’t touch it for a month or two. Last month I went on a baking kick and was trying out new recipes while stocking up on the oldies to have in the freezer. Cookies, banana bread, pitas and crackers were in great supply and I’m sure I gained a few pounds.

I found it interesting when I left some cracker dough on the counter after making a few batches and got distracted when the kiddies woke up. Morgan took over the operation. I am all about efficiency while Morgan likes things to be very neat. Can you tell whose is whose?

dscf1400-220×165.jpg dscf1399-220×165.jpg

Rest assured, they both tasted the same and both were delicious and all were gone in a very short period of time. After a baking spree, it was time to borrow my mom’s sewing machine for a few weeks.

I have discovered a wonderful, free bounty of unique sewing patterns online. The measurements are usually a bit of a guessing game and I can’t find a pattern for a shirt made of non stretch cotton for the life of me but it is great fun for a spontaneous urge. Here are my last two creations. A funky shirt…

dscf1560-165×220.jpg dscf1559-165×220.jpg

and super comfy pajama pants.

dscf1615-165×220.jpg dscf1616-165×220.jpg

Not sure what is next but my neighbour gave me some awesome, old fabric. I think a dress is in order. It makes me want to learn how to sew my own clothes but for now Leah is definitely the better way to go.

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