Life17 Aug 2010 03:18 pm

Morgan was away this past weekend so Leah and I were on are own. I took advantage of this to serve very easy, simple meals that didn’t require much cooking or work. We also kept ourselves busy to help pass the time.

On Friday we hung out at home, ate dinner on the couch and watched some of Leah’s shows when she was getting tired and cranky. Saturday morning we treated ourselves to some homemade waffles and went off to the local blueberry festival. We saw a BMX stunt show, went on a trolley ride (and promptly got off at the first stop as Leah was almost in tears), saw a gal spinning llama wool with her two llamas and admired lots of old and unique cars. I really wanted to see Cinemazoo but Leah’s fear of the trolley, even though she loves seeing buses and trolley buses, caused us to not go to that part of the festival. When it was getting hot and Leah was tiring of walking, we visited the library, read some books and borrowed a few.

On Saturday afternoon a friend came over to dip her feet in Leah’s kiddie pool and have a nice chat. We laid low after that, eating dinner outside as it was cooler than inside.

On Sunday we went to the Farmer’s Market. It was a special day at the market for kids as there was a clown making balloons and face painting. I was more excited about the festivities than she was. Leah said no to face painting and balloons so we bought a cinnamon, sat in the shade and indulged.

After church we went to see Uncle David and Auntie Andrea for lunch and then us three girls went shopping. Leah loved riding in the mall stroller and wanted to touch every rack of clothing we went by. I tried to steer away from anything overly fancy or white.

That evening while having dinner, Morgan came home and all were happy to be reunited again. Leah was so excited to see him as was I. He wasn’t gone that long but usually he is always around so it was an adjustment. We usually have lunch and dinner as a family every day and Morgan spends lots of time with us in the evenings. I’m glad he had a great weekend at a buddy’s wedding and am also glad he is now home.

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