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We are fully back in the routine of daycare so my days all look pretty similar. Indoor playtime, snack, circle, art, outdoor playtime, lunch, nap, snack and back outside if the weather is nice. I’m working longer days this year so weekends seem to fill up pretty quickly.

I try to prep dinner as much as possible during nap time or in the morning if I have time. The crock pot is very helpful as well as one pot oven dinners such as lasagna.

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Last weekend we spent a couple of hours at Crescent beach with come friends enjoying the beautiful weather while it lasts. Leah enjoyed watching Morgan try to fly her kite at the beach and loved holding the strings once it was flying.

The weather is so unpredictable now. I’m used to doing a load of laundry every day and hanging it out to dry but now I often end up bringing it in once it starts to sprinkle or it doesn’t dry fully. Unless it looks gorgeous outside, I’ve resigned myself to using the dryer. I don’t feel it is worth the stress of line drying as much as I dislike using the dryer.

Thought it is raining more now, I still take the daycare kiddies out almost everyday. I’m so thankful for rain pants, even though when it is really wet outside or we go on our puddle jumping adventures I still end up changing their clothes. At least they stay a lot warmer and they are not totally soaked.

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I am teaching the kids about fall time at circle. I love how much they are able to learn. Leah knows that the leaves fall off the trees and that they change colours. She almost has some of the little poems and rhymes memorized.

When we are in the car, Leah is such a chatterbox. She talks about everything she sees from red lights turning green to buses going by to diggers digging holes. It is very sweet.

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