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Though I generally like to keep crafts pretty simple with the kids in charge of most of the process, during Christmas time I have been doing some artwork that is a little more complicated. These first two crafts I did in the first few years of elementary school and doing them with Leah brought back childhood memories.

The first one is made by saving old Christmas cards and cutting the front page out into circles before gluing three of them together with ribbon in the middle. The second one is made by colouring a picture with felt markers and then painting with canola oil and bordering with black paper. The oil lets the light shine through just like a stained glass window. This was the first time Leah has used markers.

dscf2409-220×165.jpg dscf2412-220×165.jpg

I covered a few of our picture frames with paper and let the kids colour and glue Christmas pictures all over them. I also made hand print wreaths with the kids. Leah wouldn’t let me paint her hand last year put this year she was more excited about the prospect.

dscf2411-220×165.jpg dscf2435-220×165.jpg

I never had a stocking growing up but decided to make one last year while my sister was making one at my mom’s house. Between that stocking and Leah’s one from last year and the one she made this year, our mantel looks very Leah-centric. I hope to do one every year with her to see how her art changes. Last year I remember it being so much effort trying to glue anything with the kids. This year I let them have had it on their own as they are all getting pretty proficient with glue sticks.


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