March 2011

Life22 Mar 2011 03:06 pm

Leah checking out Joel and showing off her new big sister shirt.
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Burping my little man. Leah is so impressed that you just pat his back to make him burp.
Family Picture. A friend of mine gave me this beautiful pot of flowers which I put outside our sliding door so I can see them often. When we came home from the hospital, all the flowers were in full bloom.
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Morgan receiving his graduation certificate from his self-employment course. It has been a lot of work and I’m so proud of him. Joel did a great job sleeping through ceremony.
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Bath time.
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Helping Daddy in the church library as he checks out people’s books and back home again chilling in his chair.
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Life20 Mar 2011 02:34 pm

On Saturday morning as I was heading out to my mom’s house Morgan asked me to pick up some milk. I was feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of going shopping with both kids by myself so early in the ball game. But really, could I let one measly jug of milk overtake me like that? So I cheerfully wished Morgan a good day and made no promises as we headed out the door.

On the way to my mom’s house it was getting close to eating time for Joel so we happily passed by the grocery store and went on to enjoy the rest of the morning and a lovely afternoon with my family. When it was time to leave I figured we had enough time for a quick stop and then be on our way in time to feed Joel at home.

Feeling brave and confident I entered the parking lot and sought out a parking stall close to the entrance or to a shopping cart corral. If I ever needed a parent parking spot it was now. However, no optimal spots were to be found. I circled the parking lot a few times in desperation but to no avail. Not willing to let a parking spot determine the fate of my mission, we parked, I got Leah out of her car seat, grabbed Joel, locked the car and off we went.

Leah wanted to hold on to Joel’s car seat and help me carry him across the parking lot. Success… until Leah tripped, fell and burst into tears. After a careful assessment of the situation, I picked up Leah with one hand holding Joel’s car seat with the other and excitedly pointed out the cart with a red race car on the front that Leah could sit in and drive. Disaster averted.

The main cart was smaller than normal because of the car so I wedged Joel in thankful that I only needed room for a jug of milk. We made it over to the milk aisle only after picking up a few soup mixes and macaroni and cheese that were on sale. I had to move my small collection of soup and KD to fit the milk and then went straight over to the cash register as nothing else could fit in our cart.

After successfully maneuvering the store with a massive cart getting everything we needed, we stood in line and I thought was doing great. Even alerted a man to money that he had dropped. After I had paid we ventured into the parking lot while I figured out a game plan to place everything and everybody in their proper places. Kids in first, then groceries, then leave kids buckled in car while returning cart? Leave cart in the middle of the parking lot? Groceries in first, leaving kids in cart while returning it, then walk back to car hoping Leah doesn’t trip on the way back while trying to help me?

Once I had decided on the latter option, I realized halfway across the parking lot that my groceries were still in the store. Back in we went, picked up the groceries and then back to plan c. I got the groceries in the trunk and put Joel in the car and he started crying. I tried my very limited options (soother) before facing mini defeat and letting him cry while I buckled Leah in. With a silent prayer and the soother looped between my fingers as I held unto the steering wheel, we were off and Joel drifted back to sleep with the movement of the car.


Life19 Mar 2011 09:45 pm

Here are some tidbits and stories from the past week that I want to remember.

I had amazing nurses in the hospital. I was induced and my labour took a long time to really start so we had lots of time to chat and watch TV. We found out that I went to youth group with the nurse’s next door neighbour and her son is going to the same university Morgan graduated from. We watched Christy Clark get sworn into office and even watched Coronation Street as my nurse loves that show. I told her we could watch it only if she would explain who was who and what was going on. That show is crazy full of drama and dysfunctional people. I was extra thankful for my sane family after that.

I also had two good friends come visit me in labour which felt really weird. (They had appointments that day at the hospital.) I loved seeing them and chatting, it was just that this experience was so much different from when I had Leah. With Leah I arrived at the hospital seven centimeters dilated and in hard labour and would not have wanted anyone I know besides Morgan anywhere close.

When my mom told Leah that the baby inside me was had come out, Leah replied saying the baby has come out and now it has to go back in. I’m so thankful that he is out to stay.

Joel has been such a laid-back, easy babe so far. Last night I didn’t get much sleep but the night before he did a five hour stretch of sleep which I desperately needed and was so thankful for.

Since Morgan has tons of work to do, I took the kids to my mom’s today. (It feels so weird to say kids instead of Leah.) Joel had his first bath since the hospital. It was quite the sight as everyone wanted in on the action. My aunt was so excited to help and put the water in the tub and laid out everything we needed. My mom was helping too while my sister took mental notes as she is expecting her first in a few weeks. Meanwhile I was holding Joel and trying to find enough room to wash him properly.

Leah has been doing pretty good though she is definitely going through an adjustment period. When I got home from the hospital she didn’t want to leave my side and wanted to hold hands wherever we went. So that is what we did as I went around the house unpacking our hospital bags and cleaning up. The first night home I got Morgan to watch Joel for a bit so Leah and I could have some special time together.

Today Leah and I got out for a little tricycle ride down my mom’s street. It was great to have some time with just the two of us while Grandma happily watched Joel.

We’ve been really busy celebrating Morgan’s graduation from phase two of his self-employment program as well as adjusting to our new family life while trying to get some rest. Everything has been going really well and I’ll share some pictures and more stories soon.

Life16 Mar 2011 10:08 pm

Sixteen hours before Joel was born.
Introducing Joel Thomas born at 3:51 am on Tuesday, March 15 weighing 8 lbs 10 oz.
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Leah checking out her new baby brother. “Mommy, I think he wants me to hold him.”
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I loved Leah’s excitement. She wanted to check everything out.
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Leah processing all of her thoughts out loud and telling Grandma all about Joel.
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Getting a closer look.
Hanging out.
dscf2774-220×165.jpg dscf2776-220×165.jpg
Checking out mommy’s snack.
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He’s a strong boy.
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Joel has been such a laid back, calm baby so far. I gave him his first manicure as his nails were so long. He was definitely had all the marks of an overdue babe.
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Proud parents.
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Welcome home little guy! We are so happy you are here.
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Chilling in the playpen upstairs for his first nap at home followed by a diaper change.
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I am thrilled to be home with our family all together. I love seeing Leah interact with Joel. I definitely missed her while we were with Joel in the hospital. Leah and I spent some great one on one time this evening playing with play dough and sorting through baby clothes together. It will be an adjustment becoming a big sister but I’m sure she’ll do great. Welcome to our family little guy. We love you more than you’ll ever know.

Life10 Mar 2011 10:52 pm

I’m glad that you have been feeling warm and snug inside of me for the past nine months. It has been a pretty good run. I had almost no nausea or any other discomfort with you inside me except for the typical tiredness in the first few months. As much as you growing tired me out, caring for a few toddlers during weekdays magnifies the effect.

Your daddy and I were ecstatic when we found out about you and my eyes teared up when I first saw your heart beating on the ultrasound screen back in August. Since then, everything has been going smoothly. We got to ‘see’ you again when you were eighteen weeks and I got another look a couple of weeks ago to make sure you were still growing. (My belly was measuring smaller than the week before but you had just dropped).

Your big sister loves going to visit the doctor with me to check on our health. Leah turns the heartbeat doppler on and puts it on my belly to listen to your heart. You have been growing steadily and all our doctor’s visits have been pretty routine.

As much as we love feeling you kick and hiccup inside of me, we would really like to meet you. I am so eager to hold you in my arms and check you out. Are you a sweet little boy or girl? Will you look like your big sister with a touch of reddish blonde hair and dark eyes or will you have blonde hair with light blue eyes?

I’m looking forward to seeing Leah interact with you. I’m sure she will love you and want to hold you. I’m awaiting the time when we can all be home as a family and build up a routine and start figuring out how our life will be as a family of four.

So baby, in short, we love you lots and we would really like to meet you soon. We’ve been waiting for your imminent arrival for a few weeks now as you have dropped and everything looks good to go. Everything is ready for you; your crib is set up, the change table is ready with freshly washed clothes, your car seat is installed and names are settled upon. We eagerly await kissing your forehead and counting your little toes…

Your mommy

P.S. Tomorrow would be a great day to make an appearance.

Life07 Mar 2011 09:33 pm

I’ve been trying to keep busy to keep my mind off this babe that likes it snug and warm. Saturday morning was sunny and bright so right after breakfeast Leah and I headed to the beach for an hour to check out the boats and seagulls as well as throw rocks into the water. At first she was pretty hesitant about the waves coming in but after a few minutes she was having a blast finding different colours of rocks and watching them splash after she had thrown them in the water.

dscf2711-165×220.jpg dscf2713-165×220.jpg

dscf2715-220×165.jpg dscf2717-165×220.jpg

Then it was off to the veggie store where Leah pulls the cart while following me around the store. She recently has started to grab the bags for me as well. We are a great team. After some shopping we headed back home to have lunch with Morgan and have a nap. These pictures are from Friday when Morgan went to wake her up.

dscf2701-220×165.jpg dscf2703-220×165.jpg

After nap time on Saturday, it was still so warm and sunny Leah and I spent more time outside. All the bulbs are starting to pop up with snow drops and crocuses showing their flowers already. I’m looking forward to the tulips and hyacinth as well.


I cleaned up the yard a little bit while Leah had fun in her ‘new to her’ sandbox. She had a blast and sat in one spot digging away happily for a very long time.

dscf2720-165×220.jpg dscf2721-165×220.jpg

dscf2722-165×220.jpg dscf2726-165×220.jpg

We finished off our day by barbecuing hamburgers for my family and spending the evening together. Sunday was more relaxed and was a great finish to our weekend.

Life01 Mar 2011 08:01 pm

Leah loves her accessories and bringing them along wherever we go. My sister gave her this purse and it carries a wide variety of treasures to the park, on walks around the block, to church and to the store.

dscf2698-165×220.jpg dscf2699-165×220.jpg

She also loves playing with her camera. It is our old digital camera that works about the half the time but she is thrilled with it.

Our littlest babe is due on Sunday and I am anxiously awaiting his or her’s arrival. I’m feeling great but would like to get labour over with and would love to meet our babe. The bags are packed and everything is ready for when the time comes.