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On Friday we had a lovely dinner with Grandma Fran and Granddad Sid.
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Leah got to enjoy her very own Easter egg hunt.
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It was such a nice day that we had walked over. Leah wanted to carry her basket and twirly whirly (not sure of the official name) all the way home.
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On Saturday we headed over to the mall for Easter fun. Leah painted an egg with lots of very focused attention.
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She met the Easter bunny. At first she was really scared of him/her (?). I explained that the Easter bunny is just for fun and that it was someone dressed up as a bunny. She was still scared but after seeing a few kids give the bunny a high five, she summoned up enough courage to do so as well. She even gave the bunny a hug later that morning. Leah also got some face painting and made some floppy bunny ears on a headband.
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She loved playing with the bubbles in the mall and would leave the children’s area to wander after any bubbles that drifted away. Once the lady stopped blowing the bubbles, Leah just wandered off into the crowd. I had my eye on her the whole time but it amazed me how confident she was on her own, not even looking for me. Other times, she won’t leave my side and latches on to me.

On Sunday we went to church and Morgan and I got to hear what Leah learned about in Sunday school from her own lips for the very first time. I was so proud as Leah was in the bathroom doing her business as she said over and over in a sing-song voice, “Jesus is alive, Jesus is alive!” Eggs and bunnies are fun but this is the true message we want her to rejoice in at Easter as well as the whole year through.

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  1. on 29 Apr 2011 at 8:08 pm katherine

    Awww! So cute that Leah was rejoicing that Christ has risen along with us!

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