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No, she hasn’t been hanging out with older kids in the neighbourhood or negative influences at the park. Leah has spent some quality time with Uncle David at our last family get-together.

Joel laughed for the first time yesterday with his daddy. And for the record, I weighed him yesterday with clothes on at the doctors and he is now 12lbs 5oz.

Here are some recent stories and quotes by Leah.

I was trying to get Joel to smile again one day and Leah kept on saying that he had already smiled, interrupting my efforts with her determination to get me to stop. I asked her if Joel could only smile once a day and she emphatically said yes.

She always like to check if Joel is eating and still reminds me often that Joel didn’t want to eat at the hospital. Their first meeting must have left quite the impression as she keeps bringing it up.

When some people were leaving our house after a visit they said, “Thanks for having us” which Leah replied to saying, “Thanks for having you” a couple of times.

“Joel can’t walk because he is not wearing shoes.”

me: “What do big sisters do?”
Leah: “Big sisters wear big sister t-shirts.”
me: “What else do big sisters do?”
Leah: “Big sisters play with beans.” (She has some dry kidney beans she likes to ‘cook’ with)

Leah quite often refers to Joel as the baby and to me as his mommy when talking about me in relation to Joel. She will say “Joel is smiling at his mommy”.

We were out and about and Leah was thirsty so I told her I don’t have any water for her. She responded by asking, “you only have Joel’s milk?”

I was reading Leah some bedtime stories when I said, “Leah, turn the page hun” and she replied saying, “I’m not a hun”. I asked what she was then and she said, “I’m a Leah”. (I think she has heard me call Morgan a hun so she thinks that hun refers to daddy, not to her.)

When Leah combs my hair, she points out the knots, combs my hair and then exclaims, “all your knots are on the floor mommy!”

Leah thinks dinner is the only meal that makes her teeth dirty because we brush her teeth at night.

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  1. on 04 May 2011 at 8:28 pm katherine

    too cute! i’m glad you wrote them down.

    great pic to go with the post!

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