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This past weekend was very busy with multiple outings everyday. On Saturday, I took the kids to the aquarium with a few friends. Leah enjoyed seeing all the fish, dolphins, whales and even a huge sea turtle as well as hanging out with her buddies. She looks so grown up with her backpack on though she did remind me a few times of her age while we were out (happy to crazy upset in 1.2 seconds over seemingly trivial matters). We did well all things considered and Daddy got a lot of work done while we were out.

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Then it was off to a BBQ at Grandma and Granddad’s. On Sunday, we got a few errands done as a family before church. After church we hung out a home for a little bit before we were off to another BBQ that including catching part of our dinner. We loaded everyone up and went to the beach before dinner and caught quite a few crabs. A lot of the crabs were thrown back because they were too small but we had enough big ones for dinner.

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There was so much to see at the beach including people jumping off the pier, boats driving by, crabs moving about in the traps and kids playing. Joel slept through it all in the stroller.


We were given some baby toys and clothes for Joel and found this toy to be great as it is very easy to hold onto. He enjoys holding on with both hands and shoving it into his mouth.

dscf3277-220×165.jpg dscf3284-220×165.jpg

His hands also fascinate him. Joel is so smiley and has a great laugh. We think he is pretty cute as well.

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It was a rainy morning today so I met up with a friend and her kids at the rec centre. Leah had blast playing with the wide variety of toys. Here she is on a large foam block telling me she can’t open her eyes for the picture because she is sleeping on her bed. Leah also had fun playing hockey.

dscf3282-220×165.jpg dscf3283-165×220.jpg

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  1. on 01 Jul 2011 at 7:24 am katherine

    Yep, I’d say you have pretty cute kids!

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