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Up in Oroville, we found some great water toys left from my brother and his friends. We picked out a dingy and an air mattress type floatie to blow up. Then off to the lake with Leah wearing her life jacket. Her excitement waned quickly as we approached the water and turned into fear. I talked her into getting into the dingy with me when she was standing in about half a foot of water. We rowed about the swimming area with Leah shaking because she was so scared as I was desperately trying to distract her from her fear by pointing out boats on the water and the landscape.

Every day we went in the water, she made great strides. Leah was only happy in the dingy the first day but then moved on to the other floatie where she was closer to the water. Then she would put her feet in the water and kick while holding on. On the last day, Grandma was able to hold her in the water. Doesn’t seem like much but it was a long way from where we had started and I was so proud.

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After the lake experience, I decided to really try to get Leah more comfortable in the water. I would need Morgan’s help and indoor pools didn’t seem appealing in the summer. I heard of an outdoor pool near our house that was free but heard it was packed like sardines in the summer. We decided to try it out. I made some pizza, called up some friends, had a lovely picnic at the park where the pool was and went swimming. There was hardly anyone there and Leah did great.

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We have gone twice now and Leah is doing awesome. I’m not sure if she will be as comfortable in the lake as in the pool but it shouldn’t take her long. I want to bring her a life jacket down from Oroville so she can try ‘swimming’ on her own.

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I’m loving these summer Saturday evenings, spent with friends outdoors, enjoying each other’s company while having fun with our kids.

Leah Quotes

“I’m done swimming now so we can drain the lake”
“Can you turn on the toasters?” (air vents in the car)
“How do birds stop?”

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